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What We Do with Lego
We are the Brickologists, and we love Lego!

So we have created three different experiences for you to enjoy Lego with us. 

Fun Days

with Lego

Our Fun Days provides an extraordinary experience for children and adults alike to play and build with Lego. With millions of loose Lego bricks to challenge and inspire both children and adults to explore, create and above all, have fun! Our sessions include a Mini Figure Hunt, Lego Challenge, 'Free build' area, LEGO® Bionicles area, Duplo area, and much more.


with Lego

Our Workshops are the perfect way for kids to have fun while learning valuable skills related to mathematics, physics and engineering basics.


Our team of experienced instructors will be on hands to support the building motorised LEGO models to engage children in exciting activities, all while teaching them the basics of engineering.

Birthday Parties

with Lego

Brickologists Young Engineers provides an exciting and fun way to celebrate those special days with our Workshop or Fun Day style parties!


Kids of all ages will love the variety of building challenges and prizes, making it the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion in a unique way.

DID YOU KNOW? We were recently interviewed on BBC Radio Suffolk, you can listen to it here to find out more!

BBC Suffolk Interview 13.03.23
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