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We started out by organising and running Lego® Exhibitions with many experienced Lego® enthusiasts exhibiting their models, this very quickly moved onto being very large events at Newport South Wales and at Sandown Park with Duncan Titmarsh from Bright Bricks the UK's only LEGO® Certified Professional and one of only 13 in the World also Fairy Bricks the UK's only Lego Charity.

At the Sandown Park Racecourse exhibition it was decided to put an area for children to play and touch the Lego® something that had not been done before, this was a great success.

Following the success of Sandown it was decided to break away and set up Brickologists Young Engineers and with Brian's experience of Lego since November 2012 when he started working as a consultant for an Israeli company on the development of a unique Lego® educational business which led to the business coming to the UK and the US.

August 2014 Brian set about the development of his own Educational business using Lego® Bricks and set about writing his own curriculum for schools and designing the models.

Further development happened with our fist Funday with Lego being held at Morton Hall Community Centre in April 2015.

Lego Parties started with Lego Workshop Parties and then developed further to include a reduced version of our Fundays with Lego®

Brickologists, Young Engineer is now run by Elena, with Brian's support in the background. 

We now run a great deal of parties not only for children but for Adults as well, which do include building competitions and various other activities that are designed to meet the customer ideas.

Brickologists programs


Model Building Commissions

Children's Parties

Adult Parties 

Building Competitions

After School Clubs

Birthday Parties

Fun Days

School Open Days

Summer Camps

Youth Clubs

Activity Days

Corporate Workshops

Open Days

Local Exhibitions  


The list is endless……..

Child Safety


All Brickologists Young Engineers Staff are DBS enhanced checked.

Responsibility for children remains with the party organiser and/or parents/guardians.


A copy of our public liability insurance can be provided upon request.

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