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Image by Glen Carrie


The purpose of the Brickologists,

Young Engineers program is to introduce

theoretical knowledge and practical skills

in the areas of mathematics, physics and

engineering basics to school children

using motorised LEGO and additional

means that create and produce energy.


The main idea of the program is to demonstrate the scientific principles in an experimental way - through stories, demonstrations and by having fun through building LEGO models. In order to build the models each child receives a kit especially for this purpose. 


Each school holiday Lego workshop lasts for 2 hours where the children build a motorised model under instruction, play with the model they have built, then move onto enhancing their models with play at all stages.

Brickologists Young Engineers

Program Advantages:


  • Develops spatial skills

  • Develops tactile motor skills

  • Encourages creative thinking

  • Develops the ability to analyse engineering processes

  • Stimulates an interest in physics and engineering

  • Builds self confidence and strengthens the sense of competence

  • Strengthens social aptitude by developing communication and interpersonal skills

  • Expands horizons and inspires curiosity.

  • Learning through fun and play.

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