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Our Fun Days with Lego were developed solely for children and adults to have some fun with the millions of loose Lego Bricks on hand.

The sessions include:

  • Mini Figure Hunt with small prizes for those that can find the mini figures

  • The  Brickoff Lego Challenge with prizes for the best models built

  • Lego 'Free build' area

  • LEGO bionicles area

  • Duplo area

  • LEGO building (with instructions)

  • LEGO car building & downhill race tracks


We Sometimes manage to book an include other things to do

i.e. Lego Train Sets and models on display Vintage Lego from 1958 on

display Lego 2nd Hand Model shop

If you have seen the LEGO MASTERS program on Channel 4 why not give it a go with our popular BRICKOFF LEGO CHALLENGE by Brickologists, Young Engineers which is open to everybody

from 4 – 99+ with prizes going to the best models made in each age group.


Every child taking part in the Brickoff Lego Challenge will go home with a small something.

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