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We run 2 different types of parties with Lego:

Brickologists Workshop

This is a 90 minutes session and for children aged 6+.

Maximum of 20 children.

Children build one of the Brickologists Motorised

Working Models with instructions and assistance in the build, they play with the models, and enhance the model as much as time will allow.

Brickologists Fun Day 

This is a 90 minutes party and for up to 30 children.

The same format as our Fun Day with enough Lego to fill the size of the hall, the children free build with Lego and play with it. All children who take part in the competition will receive a small prize as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the main challenge event. Special prize for the birthday child too.

As part of the Fun Day party children will have access to a number of different areas and activities including:

  • Mini Figure Hunt

  • Lego free build area  

  • Lego Bionicles  

  • Lego Duplo

  • Building and racing down hill tracks

  • Lego car

  • Brickologists Lego building area (with Instructions)

Contact: for further information

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